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Historical Profiles of
Protestant Denominations with Hispanic Ministry in Canada

PROLADES Reports, July 2012

An Introduction to Religion in Canada

University of Toronto
Studying Canadian Protestantism

University of Toronto
Religion in Canada: Its Development and Contemporary Situation
By Roger O'Toole

Multiculturalism and Religious Diversity in Canada, 2001

Statistics Canada — Catalogue No. 11-008 — Summer 2006
Canadian Social Trends:  Religious Affiliation & Attendance, 1985-2004

Policy Research Initiatives Horizons (March 2009)
Religious Diversity in Canada

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Evangelicals in Canada: A Short History
By Gordon L. Heath

Canadian Society of Church History

Wikipedia article on "Religion in Canada"

General Population Studies of Canada

Statistics Canada website

Map of Canadian Political Divisions

2011 Census:  Provincial Picture (interactive map)

2011 Census: Population and Dwelling Counts (May 2011)

Population by Mother Tongue, 2006 Census

Hispanic Population in Canada, 2006 Census

Hispanic Population Studies in Canada

Profile of the Hispanic Community in Canada
(2001 National Census)

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(includes information about Hispanics)

Hispanos en Canada website: articulos y videos

Hispanic Community Profile, 2000

Articles on Hispanics in Canada

Hispanic Protestantism in Canada

Hispanic Religious Affiliation in Canada, 2001

Hispanic Church Growing and Strengthening
Spanish-speaking evangelical congregations are
on the rise in Canada, and Hispanics are enjoying the music,
freedom and apolitical environment

A general history of the Hispanic Protestant Church in Canada
has yet to be written; this is our current task.  Below is a preliminary list
of known denominations with Hispanic ministry in Canada.

Anglican Church of Canada -
Iglesia Anglicana de Canada

Apostolic Assembly of Faith in Jesus Christ -
Iglesia Apostolica de la Fe en Cristo Jesus
(1912, San Diego, California, USA)

Apostolic Church of Faith in Jesus Christ -
Iglesia Apostolica de la Fe en Cristo Jesus
(1914, Villa Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico)

Associated Gospel Churches of Canada -
Asociacion de Iglesias Evangelicas de Canada
(1890s, Toronto-Hamilton, Ontario)

Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec -
Convencion Bautista de Ontario y Quebec
(1888, Ontario and Quebec)

Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches -
Conferencia Canadiense de Iglesias de Hermanos Menonitas
1860, Russia; 1878, Henderson, Nebraska; 1888, Winkler, Manitoba)

Church of God of Canada - Iglesia de Dios Evangelio Completo
1886, Barney Creek, Tennessee, USA)

Church of God, Seventh Day -
Iglesia de Dios (7ยบ Dia)
(1933, Salem, West Virginia, USA)

Church of the Nazarene - Iglesia del Nazareno
1895, Los Angeles, California, USA; 1902, Oxford, Nova Scotia)

Christian & Missionary Alliance - Alianza Cristiana y Misionera
1887, New York City, New York, USA; 1887, Toronto, Canada)

Church of Christ Ebenezer Ministries -
Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Ebenezer
(1989, Guatemala City, Guatemala)

Latin American United Pentecostal Church -
Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Latinoamericana
(1937, Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America)

Lutheran Church of Canada -
Iglesia Luterana de Canada

New Apostolic Church - Iglesia Nueva Apostolica
(1930s, England & Scotland; 1872, Chicago, Illinois)

North American Baptist Conference -
Conferencia Bautista de America del Norte

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada -
Asambleas Pentecostales de Canada
1919, Ontario, Canada)

Pentecostal Christian Church of the Worldwide Missionary Movement -
Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Movimiento Misionero Mundial
(1963, Puerto Rico)

Presbyterian Church in Canada - Iglesia Presbiteriana en Canada
(1875, a merger of four Canadian Presbyterian denominations)

Reformed Church in America, Regional Synod of Canada
(1628, New Amsterdam colony--NYC; 1909, Alberta, Canada)

Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Canada -
Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia
de Canada
(1863, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
; 1901 in Canada)

Society of Friends (Quakers) -
Sociedad de Amigos (Cuaqueros)
1640s, England; 1775-1783, Ontario, Canada)

The Salvation Army - El Ejercito de Salvacion
1865, London, England, UK; 1882, Toronto, Canada)

United Church of Canada - Iglesia Unida de Canada
(resulted from a 1925 merger of four Protestant denominations:
the Methodist Church of Canada, the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec,
two-thirds of the congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada,
and the Association of Local Union Churches

United Pentecostal Church of Canada -
Iglesia Pentecost
al Unida
St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

Word Ministries International – Ministerios Verbo Internacional
(founded in Guatemala in 1977 by Gospel Outreach of Eureka, CA)

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