PROLADES currently has a working relationship with numerous fellow researchers and organizations in many countries of the Americas, but due to the demands of our new Religion-In-The-Americas (RITA) website we are attempting to expand our coverage of the various regions by seeking to recruit persons interested in helping with the process of updating and adding to our existing listings and documents.  See the special forms that we have created for UPDATES and NEW DATA for the various databases.

Below is a list of all the countries for which we now have some information, as well as a list of people and organizations that have been helpful in supplying, compiling and/or updating information for our databases for each country or region.  The countries with no contact person represent those for which we need assistance at this time to verify and update our existing information and databases.  

For most countries, we are hoping to establish a working relationship with someone (or an organization) who currently lives in a particular country, and who agrees to assist us in obtaining the most complete and reliable information possible for that country. 

Hopefully, this request will provide fellow researchers, scholars, and key religious leaders with a "window of opportunity" to share their knowledge and experience about their country (or a neighboring country) with the larger world via the Internet, as well as motivate them to do further research and gather more accurate information from other sources about all religious groups that exist in their universe.  The same would apply to graduate students who are interested in doing fieldwork, or who are currently engaged in this activity, in one or more of the countries included in the RITA Database Project.

If YOU (or your organization) are interested in participating in this collaborative venture, we would like to offer you the option of becoming a "Country Research Associate."  See the document, GUIDELINES for Country Research Associates (CRA), and if you would like to become a CRA please send me an e-mail at and indicate the country of your interest and other pertinent information about yourself. 

The following people and organizations have provided assistance to PROLADES (some since the 1980s) in the development of the RITA Database, along with information from countless Internet sites since 1997.







Clifton L. Holland, Director of PROLADES

Last updated on September 6, 2007