The Latin American Socio-Religious Studies Program /
Programa Latinoamericano de Estudios Sociorreligiosos (PROLADES)


A Classification System of
Religious Groups in the Americas by
Major Traditions and Family Types

National and Regional Studies of
Ethnic and Religious Diversity
North America
Central America
The Caribbean Encyclopedia of
Religious Movements and Groups
Studies of Ethnic and Religious
Diversity in Major Urban Areas
South America
Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal National Directories of
Religious Groups
Religious Conversion and
Social Change
Search Engine for
54 Countries & Territories: currently in development
Maps of the Americas Information about
New Religious Movements
in the Americas
Documents on the Historical
Development of the Charismatic Renewal
Movement in the Americas
News Articles on Religion
Historiography of
the Evangelical Church in
Central America, 1750-2015
Profiles of New Religious
Movements in the Americas and
the Iberian Peninsula
An Overview of the Protestant
Movement in Latin America
A Study of Evangelical Mega-Churches in
Central America, 2011-2015
Lausanne Occasional Paper:
New Religious Movements
A Family Tree of the
Protestant Movement
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Movement by Region and Country
English & Spanish
Information About Spiritual
Abuse in the Americas
Featured Countries:
Guatemala  & Costa Rica
World Religions Overview, 2000
World Religions Overview, 2010
World Religions Overview, 2020
Table on Religious Affiliation by
Regions & Countries
National Studies of Hispanic
Protestant Churches in the USA,
Puerto Rico & Canada
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